Monday, July 6, 2015

"He who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Recently I saw a facebook post asking what eveyones view was on people who cheat. It apauled me at how judgemental people are. Most of them were very rude about the topic, and haven't even experienced it themself on either end. To me, that is ignorant.

To sit there and say "I would never cheat" or "If I was cheated on I would be done." is truly very ignorant. You have no idea what you would do until you're actually in it. I do believe that cheating is wrong, but I also believe in forgiveness. If God can forgive then why can't we? We are all sinners no matter how great the sin.

Another thing it brings to mind is do you know either persons reality on either end of it? No. I don't know why this world has become such a judgemental place. What would Jesus do? He certainly would forgive and people need to be conscious of that before they open their opinions to the world on the matter.

Let me just say there is never any excuse to cheat, but there is more to the story than you even know. There are usually things that lead up to that happening, or the person is just a psychopath. I do believe change can happen, and I do believe that some can't. However, it's not my place to share my thoughts on it, or judge, when I am not a part of that relationship!

If you and your significant other or spouse are going through something like this it can be healed and trust can be regained. I have seen it happen. I also know there is research to back up that couples who go through this and stay together end up stronger and happier than those that don't. I'm not saying I recommend you do it by any means. It is a pretty shattering thing.

Those are just some things to think about the next time you or anyone else starts to judge someone else on this topic or anything else for that matter. Are they or you without sin? He who is without sin, cast the first stone. If you're not familiar with that story from the bible you should definitely look into it. Especially if your relationship is suffering from infedility.

Life is way to short. Forgive, judge noone, and love as hard as you can!

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